Friday, 14 June 2013

I'm Awesome Because...I've become a Doctor Who fan.

Ok, let's face it. (and hello!) Fan is too short a word to describe my love of the Doctor. I'm just going to have to go all out and use the word FANATIC. If I was a teenager I would have Doctor posters all over my room, but since I'm forty and married, I've resisted the urge. Instead, I've settled for Doctor Who bedsheets.

No, not really.

And let's be honest here, being a Doctor Who fan doesn't make me awesome, it makes me about the same as thousands, if not millions of other people around the world.

If you too are fan (or a fanatic) of Doctor Who then you are fully aware that Matt Smith, the lovely and  charmingly amusing, sometimes bumbling, often awkward, always brilliant eleventh Doctor is hanging up his bow tie on the wall of the TARDIS and come December he will regenerate, we will welcome the next Doctor. The big question is, of course, who will be the next Doctor?

My daughter shares my love and devotion to the show and we were discussing that very question a few days ago. Now, ever since Matt Smith took over the role of the Doctor, the popularity of the show has grown in North America (perhaps this is due to it airing on BBC America, but don't quote me).

What follows next is the conversation, as near as I can remember, that we had regarding the big question.

Daughter: "Who do think they'll cast as the next Doctor?"

Me: "I've no idea. Now that it's popular over here, I hope they don't decide to cast someone famous who isn't good for the role, but who is super popular enough as to ensure their ratings up will stay up."

Daughter: "Like who?"

Me: "Oh, I don't know…oh you know what would be awesome is if the Doctor regenerated into a boy band! Like One Direction!" (and when I said awesome I meant it ironically. I'm not against One Direction, I'm just not their target market.)

And then…as if I had been knocked over sideways by the red phone booth the One Direction boy wonders are clambering all over on the cover of their latest CD (yes they still have CD's!) I was suddenly flooded with the inspiration for a parody song about Doctor Who BASED on their song "That's What Makes You Beautiful."

I could now go on and about my process, but instead, I'll just post the video.

 Best Thumbnail Picture Ever!

Now how about that? If you're not a fan of Doctor Who, you probably think I've lost it (or even if you are fan, chances are you think I may have issues) but, let me assure you, I'm not the only one who has chosen to set their musical abilities to the Doctor. No, no! If you actually go to You Tube and type in "Bow Ties Are Cool" hundreds -no, no -thousands of videos with that title will come up! And while many of them are clips from the show where Matt Smith expresses his love for his bow tie, many, many of them are songs about the Doctor and his bow tie and other things related to charming Doctorness. 

I bid you a hearty Allons-y

and a hope that you will get there and get Awe-some.