Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Stuffed With Awesome Part Two

Hello Folks!

As promised, I have returned shortly after my last post to bring you Part Two of my holiday awesomeness. Unfortunately for those of you who enjoyed my "drawings" so much, there will not be any for this blog...awww....I know...much sadness...However, I do have photos!

Ok, so on Christmas Eve, I got off work early, did some last minute shopping and before we went to Mass at 4:00, I decided to do some baking! I was in a hurry...running around, getting out this, losing track of that and at one point I was in our dining area unwrapping something and talking at a brisky pace to Sean about something droll no doubt when the awesomeness occurred. I threw the wrapping in the garbage, turned to say something else to Sean, and smashed my finger into a pencil sharper that is on a shelf beside the garbage can! Please see exhibit "A" below.

And when I say smashed I mean smashed! I looked down at the middle knuckle on my pointer finger on my right hand and holy lipton! I was bleeding...a lot. I'd taken off a fair few layers of my pasty white (oh...that's mean..."Winter" white) skin and it was stinging like a thing-bee! I whined...only a bit and showed Sean who just shook his head and gave me the "You really should be more careful Dear" look. Sad to say folks, but he has this look down to a science! I went to the bathroom and put a band aid on the silly "scratch" only to have to replace the band aid with a new one a few minutes later because the first one had bled right through! Please see exhibit "B" below to see who was the one to bring comfort to my poor digit.

He's a little blurry...can you make him out? That's right! It was Batman! The Dark Knight himself brought sealed comfort to my poor finger. He told me to stand tall and go on and bake those butter tarts like a true Super Hero! (or like Alfred who probably bakes butter tarts for Batman after he's had a hard night of crime fighting.) I felt very brave and bat-like as I went on with my baking and didn't let injustice stand in my way as I broke my knife while cutting butter! And only paused for a moment to stop myself from slapping myself while I put 1.5 tablespoons of vinegar in the butter tarts instead of only the required 1.5 TEASPOONS. I did Batman proud I think. However, I could, hear him curse me quietly when I winced later whilst doing the dishes...BUT...I digress...

So, yes, with my He-Man Strength, I snapped a knife while cutting butter. See exhibit "C" below.

In my defence the butter was right out of the fridge AND the knife was one from a set Sean and I got for our wedding some 12 years ago and had been well used over those 12 years. That kind of awesomeness could happen to anyone EVEN Batman (or Alfred). And the overdosing of vinegar to the tart batter didn't do as much harm as you may think. I added a bit more of this...a little more of that and BOOM!! My mistake designed in my awesome depths was fixed. The Butter tarts were a masterpiece of baking.

You are probably overwhelmed now by my Christmas Eve of Awesome, but I need to leave you with one more holiday story. I'm sorry to say there are not even photos to go along with this story, but I dare say that if you try hard enough, you could conjure up the image of a bag of dried cranberries from the Bulk Barn in your head easily enough to enjoy the story to its fullest.

I went to said Bulk Barn the weekend before Christmas to pick up ingredients for baking and what not. I also picked up some cranberries for Sorcha as she enjoys them with Cheerios on Sunday mornings while reading in bed. On the first Monday of Christmas holidays though I gave her, for a wacky change of pace, a bowl of Cheerios and Cranberries with MILK on them for breakfast. For a few minutes she munched away thoughtfully and then politely turned to me and said, "Mummy...my cranberries taste spicy." Actually what they tasted like was poultry seasoning. See upon returning from the BB I neglected to fully unpack the bag and the dried cranberries were left to get all snuggy against the bag of poultry seasoning for a few days and absorb their poultry spicy goodness. Awesome yes? HOWEVER...these fine dried berries did not go to waste. Since they were already seasoned with spice fit for Christmas, I simply used them in a stuffing that required poultry seasoning and BOOM!!! They blended perfectly. So I turned awesome silliness into AWESOME Stuffing and created much happiness for myself and others!!!

And that my friends wraps up what will be my last post of the year. May your New Year's Eve be awesome free, but if it is not, don't feel ashamed to share it with everyone!!

Happy New Year to all!
I remain,
as ever,
Cinfully Awesome

Stuffed with Awesome Part One

Seasons Greetings All!

I trust you've had and are still having a jolly holiday season? Well, if you're feeling a bit of the ol'holiday blues, perhaps because you didn't get what you were hoping for or perhaps because you ate one too many turkey legs, and you are now looking to feel better about yourself or about things in general, look no further! I've done some pretty awesome things in the last couple weeks and am confident that you will leave the reading of this blog wondering why you bothered to read it at all!! No, seriously folks...join me in the hilarity that is me because much like the Christmas Turkey...I am stuffed with awesome.

Ok, well you may think that just because I'm a girl, that ramming something made of wood wouldn't hurt in the "girl area", but you would be wrong. It really hurts and continued to hurt for a while! Actually ask me if it still hurts?? Actually don't because I'd have to check and well...that could get awkward. Anyway, the shop where I work (Saltwater Sounds in lovely Miramichi, NB PLUG PLUG PLUG!!) lent some of its nifty kitchen party tables to the Miramichi Rodd Hotel a couple weeks back. When the gentleman dispatched from the Rodd came to the back door to pick them up I, being a kind and helpful sort of person, carried some of the tables to the back door for them. While on route from the front of the shop to the back door of the shop you have to pass through a door way...below is exhibit "A" for your viewing pleasure...

As you can see in the drawing (which for me is stellar) I was walking briskly towards the doorway, confident that I would get through it without whacking one of the table legs on the door frame. However, plans went awry and well...you can all see what unfortunately occured by studying the illustration below that we will call exhibit "B"...

WHAM! I ran the table legs into the door frame, the table bounced back and the bottom edge of the table caught me right in the...well...you know...and my stars! Did it hurt! The look on my poorly drawn face is actually accurate. As there were 2 men in the shop and I didn't want to draw attention to the injury in my area, I swore internally and walked slowly to the back of the shop. I turned around and slowly walked back to get another table. I got it safely to the back without incident, BUT the third table...oops...I did it again. Wowee did it smart. This time one of the guys saw me do it, but made no comment as I said "Wow...that really hurt." Grace under injury...this is one of the things that makes me awesome.

Please come back very soon as I will soon be posting (if I haven't already by the time you read this) Stuffed with Awesome Part Two.

As ever,
Cinfully Awesome.

Monday, 14 December 2009

There is Awesome in All of Us

Hello Hello Everyone

And Welcome all well...6 of you? I have 6 followers on my other blog so perhaps you'll join me on my awesome new blog? Anyway, welcome friends and foes to my Spin Off Blog "Things That Make Me Awesome". Why have I decided that such a blog is necessary? Well beside the obvious reason...all the awesomeness that I expel...I felt I needed a space to air my awesomeness to the world when the Status Update on Facebook just doesn't seem to be enough. I felt I needed to create a blog of this nature to make you, my lovely blogging follower folks, feel better about the awesomeness in yourself. I am of course talking about the silliness, the clumsiness, the forgetfulness, the weirdness and therefore the AWESOMENESS that lives in all of us. These traits can be hard for you to embrace. Fear of being mocked or shunned lurk in all shadows of awesome behaviour, but I have no fear of my awesomeness bringing humiliation in my life. I feel that this state, this delightful personality panache that I possess makes others feel better about themselves. For example, a few weeks back when I announced that my awesomeness knows no bounds in regards to managing to smash myself in the face with a full jug of milk, those of you who read this on my status update probably felt a warm, satisfactory glow of "Better her then me" or "Wow...and I thought I was a klutz" or "Oh, I am so happy I'm not the only one who does these kinds of things!". So you see, through my awesomeness, you felt better about yourself and really, that is what this blog will be about...Giving your a chance to learn to love and cherish your own awesomeness by chortling over the silly things I do, delighting in the ridiculous things I say or laughing (or grimacing) at the daily damage I seem to be able to inflict upon myself with great ease and no dexterity. In other words celebrating the THINGS THAT MAKE ME AWESOME.

I'll begin by diving right into a tale of wonder and glory. On Saturday night, my husband and I attended his work Christmas party at the pub. Sean only recently started at this work place so I was feeling particularly nervous as I didn't know anyone. Grinding my teeth becomes the bad habit of the night at events such as this as I swim through waves of nerves and awkwardness, trying desperately to think of SOMETHING to say. I was sitting at a table with Sean and some of his work folk, who were all very nice by the way, when I felt an itching on my throat. I thought, "Oh my...don't tell me..."and I reached up to the top of the front of my sweater and felt the tag. Yes people, I, in my infinite awesomeness, had worn my sweater BACKWARDS to my husbands Christmas party. Oh ya. I must have had it on for over an hour and not even cluded in. However, it's not so bad...the sweater is very high at the back and front and is black so no stitching of the tag is not terribly obvious. But still...I felt a tad foolish. It did however, take my mind off my nervousness for a bit as I sat there basking in my awesomeness until I got a chance to go to the washroom and switch'er the right way around.

And I have to tell you, this unfortunately is a family trait. My Gramma OFTEN not only put her sweaters and sweat shirts on backwards, BUT inside out as well. A true gift of awesomeness. It seems to have skipped my mother, and I as you have just read do manange to do this from time to time.(Just the backwards though...not the inside out. I still have yet to achieve that level of clothing awesomeness.) And my daughter is fantasticly gifted in this area and often puts her sweaters and shirts on backwards. It's a thing of beauty, this awesome ability to just miss the tag and pull'er on willy nilly. In my daughter's defence though, the tags these days are often stamped on and hard to miss so really...it could happen to anyone...AND you know sometime, putting your shirt on backwards is for the best! I have a tank top that is super comfy, fits great, BUT is way to low for my taste when worn the right way around. So, awesome solution by Cin...I wear it backwards. Modesty intact, tank top and money not wasted. I know, I know...awesome.

And that wraps up this first post of my new blog. If you're ever feeling down or ridiculous about something you've said or done, come on my and check this out; I'll have no doubt done something pretty sweetly awesome and you'll leave this blog feeling better about yourself.

Until the next time,
I remain
Cin-fully Awesome.