Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Stuffed with Awesome Part One

Seasons Greetings All!

I trust you've had and are still having a jolly holiday season? Well, if you're feeling a bit of the ol'holiday blues, perhaps because you didn't get what you were hoping for or perhaps because you ate one too many turkey legs, and you are now looking to feel better about yourself or about things in general, look no further! I've done some pretty awesome things in the last couple weeks and am confident that you will leave the reading of this blog wondering why you bothered to read it at all!! No, seriously folks...join me in the hilarity that is me because much like the Christmas Turkey...I am stuffed with awesome.

Ok, well you may think that just because I'm a girl, that ramming something made of wood wouldn't hurt in the "girl area", but you would be wrong. It really hurts and continued to hurt for a while! Actually ask me if it still hurts?? Actually don't because I'd have to check and well...that could get awkward. Anyway, the shop where I work (Saltwater Sounds in lovely Miramichi, NB PLUG PLUG PLUG!!) lent some of its nifty kitchen party tables to the Miramichi Rodd Hotel a couple weeks back. When the gentleman dispatched from the Rodd came to the back door to pick them up I, being a kind and helpful sort of person, carried some of the tables to the back door for them. While on route from the front of the shop to the back door of the shop you have to pass through a door way...below is exhibit "A" for your viewing pleasure...

As you can see in the drawing (which for me is stellar) I was walking briskly towards the doorway, confident that I would get through it without whacking one of the table legs on the door frame. However, plans went awry and well...you can all see what unfortunately occured by studying the illustration below that we will call exhibit "B"...

WHAM! I ran the table legs into the door frame, the table bounced back and the bottom edge of the table caught me right in the...well...you know...and my stars! Did it hurt! The look on my poorly drawn face is actually accurate. As there were 2 men in the shop and I didn't want to draw attention to the injury in my area, I swore internally and walked slowly to the back of the shop. I turned around and slowly walked back to get another table. I got it safely to the back without incident, BUT the third table...oops...I did it again. Wowee did it smart. This time one of the guys saw me do it, but made no comment as I said "Wow...that really hurt." Grace under injury...this is one of the things that makes me awesome.

Please come back very soon as I will soon be posting (if I haven't already by the time you read this) Stuffed with Awesome Part Two.

As ever,
Cinfully Awesome.

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