Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Stuffed With Awesome Part Two

Hello Folks!

As promised, I have returned shortly after my last post to bring you Part Two of my holiday awesomeness. Unfortunately for those of you who enjoyed my "drawings" so much, there will not be any for this blog...awww....I know...much sadness...However, I do have photos!

Ok, so on Christmas Eve, I got off work early, did some last minute shopping and before we went to Mass at 4:00, I decided to do some baking! I was in a hurry...running around, getting out this, losing track of that and at one point I was in our dining area unwrapping something and talking at a brisky pace to Sean about something droll no doubt when the awesomeness occurred. I threw the wrapping in the garbage, turned to say something else to Sean, and smashed my finger into a pencil sharper that is on a shelf beside the garbage can! Please see exhibit "A" below.

And when I say smashed I mean smashed! I looked down at the middle knuckle on my pointer finger on my right hand and holy lipton! I was bleeding...a lot. I'd taken off a fair few layers of my pasty white (oh...that's mean..."Winter" white) skin and it was stinging like a thing-bee! I whined...only a bit and showed Sean who just shook his head and gave me the "You really should be more careful Dear" look. Sad to say folks, but he has this look down to a science! I went to the bathroom and put a band aid on the silly "scratch" only to have to replace the band aid with a new one a few minutes later because the first one had bled right through! Please see exhibit "B" below to see who was the one to bring comfort to my poor digit.

He's a little blurry...can you make him out? That's right! It was Batman! The Dark Knight himself brought sealed comfort to my poor finger. He told me to stand tall and go on and bake those butter tarts like a true Super Hero! (or like Alfred who probably bakes butter tarts for Batman after he's had a hard night of crime fighting.) I felt very brave and bat-like as I went on with my baking and didn't let injustice stand in my way as I broke my knife while cutting butter! And only paused for a moment to stop myself from slapping myself while I put 1.5 tablespoons of vinegar in the butter tarts instead of only the required 1.5 TEASPOONS. I did Batman proud I think. However, I could, hear him curse me quietly when I winced later whilst doing the dishes...BUT...I digress...

So, yes, with my He-Man Strength, I snapped a knife while cutting butter. See exhibit "C" below.

In my defence the butter was right out of the fridge AND the knife was one from a set Sean and I got for our wedding some 12 years ago and had been well used over those 12 years. That kind of awesomeness could happen to anyone EVEN Batman (or Alfred). And the overdosing of vinegar to the tart batter didn't do as much harm as you may think. I added a bit more of this...a little more of that and BOOM!! My mistake designed in my awesome depths was fixed. The Butter tarts were a masterpiece of baking.

You are probably overwhelmed now by my Christmas Eve of Awesome, but I need to leave you with one more holiday story. I'm sorry to say there are not even photos to go along with this story, but I dare say that if you try hard enough, you could conjure up the image of a bag of dried cranberries from the Bulk Barn in your head easily enough to enjoy the story to its fullest.

I went to said Bulk Barn the weekend before Christmas to pick up ingredients for baking and what not. I also picked up some cranberries for Sorcha as she enjoys them with Cheerios on Sunday mornings while reading in bed. On the first Monday of Christmas holidays though I gave her, for a wacky change of pace, a bowl of Cheerios and Cranberries with MILK on them for breakfast. For a few minutes she munched away thoughtfully and then politely turned to me and said, "Mummy...my cranberries taste spicy." Actually what they tasted like was poultry seasoning. See upon returning from the BB I neglected to fully unpack the bag and the dried cranberries were left to get all snuggy against the bag of poultry seasoning for a few days and absorb their poultry spicy goodness. Awesome yes? HOWEVER...these fine dried berries did not go to waste. Since they were already seasoned with spice fit for Christmas, I simply used them in a stuffing that required poultry seasoning and BOOM!!! They blended perfectly. So I turned awesome silliness into AWESOME Stuffing and created much happiness for myself and others!!!

And that my friends wraps up what will be my last post of the year. May your New Year's Eve be awesome free, but if it is not, don't feel ashamed to share it with everyone!!

Happy New Year to all!
I remain,
as ever,
Cinfully Awesome

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